About Us

Welcome to Skin Bar!

Skin Bar is the primary online retailer in Singapore specializing in clinically proven, highly effective cosmeceutical skincare products from the US and UK.

“Cosmeceuticals” is a hybrid word from “cosmetics” and “pharmaceuticals” which highlight the characteristics of a single derivative product containing concentrated and highly effective ingredients designed not only to enhance the general appearance on the surface but to make a positive physiological impact at the cellular level.

The clinical science derives long lasting skin improvement, anti-aging benefits to satisfy both beauty and health needs: “Beauty is health; healthy is beautiful”!


As our tagline “Not Your Ordinary Skincare” goes – we pledge to provide exceptional cosmeceutical products. Skin Bar products are different from FMCG skincare products. We do not believe in celebrity advertising and fancy packaging. We believe only in what ingredients and formulations that deliver the best result to our skin.

That is why we are highly stringent and selective in sourcing and screening brands and products with proven clinical results which are recognized by the dermatologists. We do not compete on price with FMCG as our products are formulated from extensive clinical research. Instead, we focus on product quality backed by active ingredients, stable formulations and sufficient concentrations that deliver real results.


Skin Bar believes in achieving healthy, radiant and elastic skin begins with using highest quality skincare products. The brands Skin Bar carry all committed in high standard skincare technology. The ingredients and formulations they used are scientifically proven effective on aging and problematic skin.

At Skin Bar, we believe only active ingredients, stable formulations and sufficient concentrations can deliver positive results to your skin.

Allow our passion for skincare to make a positive impact on your skin today!