Look 7 Years Younger!

I saw this interesting article and would like to share with you all.  How to look 7 years younger?  Here you go!

Step 1

Smooth Lines With Retinoids To Look 6-7 Years Younger

Retinoids (Vitamin A) have been shown to help soften the look of fine lines and brown spots by increasing collagen production and normalizing skin-cell activity. Retinoids, however, do have potential side effects, such as redness and peeling skin.

The good news is your skin will build up a tolerance—usually within 6-12 weeks.

Step 2

Stay Out Of The Sun To Look 5 Years Younger

Repeated sun exposure eventually leads to brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles, deeper creases, and sagging skin. For proof, just look at the underside of your arm where the rays don’t usually reach—does is look smoother and less blotchy?

If you must be in the sun, make sure you use an SPF 15 or higher. Get even better coverage by including antioxidants like vitamins C & E and pomegranate extract in your protection.

Step 3

Take Antioxidants To Look 1-2 Years Younger

Antioxidants act as scavengers that neutralize free radicals (the particles that cause sun damage, wrinkles, and can lead to skin cancer). Some foods contain antioxidants but most people don’t eat enough to benefit the skin.

Look for supplements (oral or topical) that contain vitamins C & E, pomegranate, idebenone, soy, green tea, niacinamide, and coenzyme Q10 in the top half of the product’s ingredients.

Step 4

Sleep Well To Look 2-3 Years Younger

Lack of sleep definitely zaps your glow, instantly aging you. Fatigue causes cortisol (the stress hormone) to rise sharply. If cortisol is chronically high, it can age you by breaking down your collagen production.

Try, one hour before bedtime, reading a novel or watching something funny on TV, instead of watching TV news, emailing, or Blackberrying.

Step 5

Exfoliate Gently and Often To Look 2-3 Years Younger

At-home peels or a simple face scrub can make your complexion look much more youthful and radiant and may also boost collagen production. It’s one of the best ways to see a quick difference.

As you age, the skin tends to be drier and dead cells cling to the surface, giving it a rougher texture. The most effective, least expensive options are grainy scrubs that have small, round particles. The particles should be smooth and feel like sugar in your hand. If they are too big or rough, they can tear the skin.

Remember, you have to stick with this procedure to keep seeing improvement.

Step 6

Add Moisture To Look 2-3 Years Younger

Effective hydrators will include glycerin and hyaluronic acid, which draw water into the skin. Others that prevent water from escaping are petrolatum and lanolin. Natural moisturizers, such as olive, sunflower, and coconut oils can also hydrate the skin, however, if you are prone to acne, skip them.

What won’t work is drinking more water—there is little evidence that staying hydrated internally can do anything to reduce wrinkles; however, if you’re dehydrated, water will definitely give your skin a smoother look.

Remember also that moisturizers need to be continually reapplied to keep up the benefits. If you do, moisturizing can help you look a few years younger almost immediately.

Source: extracted from www.hormones-beauty-health.com

Photo source: Buzzle.com

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