New Arrival – Firming Eye Gel Advanced Formula +

This exceptional Firming Eye Gel delivers a medium concentration of antioxidants vitamin C and ferulic acid safely and effectively to the delicate skin underneath and adjacent to the eye area to provide additional environmental protection.

 It is formulated with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, which provides an optimal moisture supply to smooth, hydrate, firm, and tighten loose skin at the eye area.  The interaction of antioxidants Vitamin C and ferulic acid helps lighten, even skin tone, and protect by suppressing damaging free radicals.

  • Antioxidants vitamin C and ferulic acid are precisely delivered to the delicate eye area or other sensitive areas to  provide photo protection
  • Targets first signs of aging beneath and adjacent to eyes
  • Protects against free radical and environmental damage
  • Restores firmness and adds hydration to dehydrated skin
  • Brightens and improves skin discoloration to promote an even skin tone and texture

Key Ingredients: 0.5% Ferulic, 5% L-Ascorbic acid (Topical Vitamin C), Hyaluronic acid & Algae extract

Size: 15ML

Price: S$49

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