Aging is a complex process affected by a number of factors including genetics, sun exposure, environment, diet, and stress. Whatever the causes, the end results include a nutrient deficiency within the different tissue components, cellular destruction (as brought about by excessive sun exposure), damage to the cellular membrane (caused by free radicals), a deterioration in the genetic programming of the DNA, and a decrease in cellular proliferation and turnover. Together, these cause a loss of elasticity in the skin, collagen degradation, a reduced ability to regulate water and transport nutrients, insufficient blood flow to the dermis, chronic inflammation, a weakened outer barrier, and a less efficient cell renewal process. In essence: skin becomes more wrinkled as it loses its ability to snap back, it starts to lose fullness, sag and look hollow, the complexion looks tired, dull, sallow and/or red, dry and irritated, pigmented spots start to appear and skin becomes thickened and coarse in appearance.

The Solution

Despite what many cosmetic companies claim – there is no magic bullet. There is no single, magical, miracle ingredient that will solve all of the issues of aging. In order to bring about the greatest improvement, a combination of therapies are recommended.

Antioxidants, Exfoliating Treatments, Skin Bleaching/Lightening, Repairing, Firming, and Wrinkle- Freezing therapies all address different aspects of aging and its causes. Alone, they can definitely provide noticeable, even satisfactory results - particularly those that provide benefits in multiple categories (ie: Retinol is both a Firming and an Exfoliating therapy, Vitamin C is both an Antioxidant and a Firming Therapy). However, combining therapies can create faster, more noticeable results.

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